Plastic Hydraulic control valve

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Plastic Hydraulic control valve


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Plastic Hydraulic control valve for irrigation system

Hydraulic control valve with fixed inductive diaphragm inside, closed or opened by Hydraulic controling

Y Type Designed, Big Channel and large discharge, small head lose, Response sensitivity and High precision for adjustment

Flexible inductive diaphragm and guide of valve core fixed well, corrosion resistance and no deformation

Easy to operate as hydraulic controling, save effort to close or open and convenient maintenance

Produced by Reinforced plastic material with excellent hydraulic and mechanical function, use for long time


Size: 2″ (Dn50), 3″ (Dn80), 4″ (Dn 100).

Connection: Threaded / Flange

Working Pressure : 0.35-10bar (5-145psi)

Max pressure: 10Bar / 145Psi

Highest working temperature: 60 °C





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